A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a monk traveling to an isolated monastery to learn the art of exorcism. You’re also already possessed by a demon.
Love and Exorcism is a dating sim in progress by a team of international queer heathens. The version available right now is a demo, with much more content and features planned.

Lawrence Gullo: @hismajesty
Thea Walther: @woebin

Install instructions

Just unzip it & play!


Love & Exorcism Demo (OS X) 45 MB
Version Demo.1.0.2 Aug 17, 2019
Love & Exorcism Demo (Windows / Linux) 63 MB
Version Demo.1.0.2 Aug 17, 2019

Development log


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The demo is amazing! I loved this story a lot. It is dark but unique and beautiful, writing is amazing and I love all the characters. I am very excited for the full version)))

Thank you! I'm so pleased you like the writing! -L

I've played through so many times just to see what dialogue options there are--even if the end result is always the same. If Sigurd's romance is just a freakin fraction of what's to come with the four other seducees then I'm in a lot of queer trouble--the best kind of queer trouble. Got Damn that was so good! I'll be right here, patiently but enthusiastically waiting for more!

Ahhh thank you so much for playing it out! We’re so excited to bring the other romances to you in the full game!

I just played through this twice in one sitting, first time exploring everything, second time playing through Sigurd's storyline. I adored it and cannot wait for the full game! The art is absolutely lovely and really helps create an overall atmosphere. I especially love the character designs- Sigurd and Idir in particular. Playing as a demon is such fun and this game is delightfully sinful. Will definitely be keeping up with updates on the full release.

Thank you!! Idir is my personal favorite to draw... -L

Wow, I got way more invested in this than I expected. The drawing style nearly made me skip this, but once I got into the story I noticed it really fits the tone.

...Just please tell me the full version will have a different ending for Sigurd's route...

Thanks! The Sigurd romance is a rough draft right now, to give the general feeling. :)

Awsome! i have always wanted to play as a demon  ;-) looking forward to the full game, like love this! 5 stars!


Thank you we’re glad you like it!